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Protecting Chile’s Miners

Everything was looking so good when bUSiness CHILE reported on the state of mining safety in Chile last year: mining accidents had halved and the number of mine inspectors doubled in the first half of 2011. Another year on, however, and improvements seem to have stagnated while a debate over how to better protect mining workers is holding back new legislation.

Facing Chile’s Agricultural Emergency

Chile’s Agriculture Ministry has declared more than one third of the country in agricultural emergency due to drought. With dry conditions and growing competition for water resources playing havoc with fruit production in the central-northern part of the country, Chile’s farmers are calling for proactive solutions to the problem of water scarcity.

Bioequivalent Drugs: Worth the risk?

Santiago, Chile – August 2012 – as published in BUSiness Chile.  Chile’s pharmaceutical market is worth US$2 billion, but in recent years it has cost patients both their pesos and their trust. The government’s recent decision to certify bioequivalent drugs in Chile aims to increase access for consumers by providing an affordable alternative to branded products. […] Read more