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Photos of white cops helping black Americans

In the wake of several high-profile cases of white police officers killing unarmed black men, some Americans have been defending police by posting pictures of officers being helpful. “Police officers that do the wrong thing seem to be getting all the press coverage,” Chris Hall wrote on Facebook, underneath the above photo of an Ohio State Patrol officer changing a car tyre for a African-American woman. “This officer proves that for every one that does the wrong thing, there are thousands out there doing the right thing every day.”

The young Republican behind an anti-Hillary Clinton hashtag

As one of the most famous politicians in the world announced her intention to run for US president, her opponents hit back on social media. Hillary Clinton’s announcement on Sunday that she would be running for president wasn’t exactly a surprise. She made the long-anticipated declaration in a YouTube video and followed up with a tweet. But some of her opponents had already organised a welcoming party on social med

Daughter ‘loved’ tooth extraction by javelin

Some children get rid of wobbly milk teeth using a piece of string attached to a slammed door but US Olympic gold medal-winning athlete Bryan Clay had other ideas when he helped his daughter, Ellie, remove her loose tooth using one of his javelins. The 2008 Olympic decathlon champion posted a video of the feat on Twitter writing: “What you use javelins for once you’re retired.” It was retweeted over 1,600 times.

‘Droughtshaming’ hopes to out California water cheats

With water levels at a record low in California, vigilantes are using social media to shame their neighbours into saving more water. #Droughtshaming – a practice that began online last year – is back again as California enters its fourth summer of extreme drought. Residents who catch their neighbours wasting water are posting pictures and videos, often with addresses, on Facebook and Twitter as well as via apps. (It is the home of Silicon Valley, after all.)