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Brazil’s Protests: Not the Final Whistle

As Brazil’s football team beat Italy on June 22nd to secure a place in the Confederations Cup semi-finals, Brazilians were out again on the streets of more than 100 cities.

Women forced to be ‘human coffins’

“Apio Verde” (translation: “Green Celery”) is based on the 2010 case of Claudia Pizarro, a 28-year-old Chilean woman denied both an abortion and treatment for cancer despite being pregnant with an anencephalic foetus. Chile is one of only five countries worldwide to prohibit abortion in all instances.

‘Just forget about Syria. Forget about going back’

A small but fractured community of Syrian refugees living in the New York area are struggling to adapt to the difficulties of an immigrant lifestyle, while Syrians back home face the much harsher realities of war, torture and death. The guilt is all-consuming.

Haiti cholera victims get a hearing in US court

A coalition of U.S. and Haitian lawyers from the Boston-based Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) filed a class action against the United Nations for the alleged role of Nepalese peacekeepers in contaminating the country’s waterways.

Abuse Behind Closed Doors

Domestic workers in Ecuador are at a high risk for physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their employers.

From Our Own Correspondent: Syrian Refugees in New York

In New York City, Olivia Crellin meets three refugees who are part of the millions-strong exodus of Syrians around the world . They’re grateful to have found a place of safety – but they can’t help feeling the pull of home, even as the conflict continues to ravage it.

Day 6: The Brazil protests in four scenes

A million Brazilians demonstrated across the country this week in response to a transit fee hike. From Rio de Janeiro, here are four snapshots of how people are reacting to the protests in the country.

The World: Chilean Cemetery’s Party-Like Atmosphere

What if all the players on the San Francisco Giants decided to stay together in the after-life, pitching in to build a team crypt? Or, what if Lady Gaga arranged to build her own resting place in the shape of a pyramid guarded by two sphinxes?

The World: Chile’s Teleton

Every year in Chile the nation unites behind a common cause: a 27 hour-long telethon to raise money for disabled children. But behind this marketing machine is a sad picture of governmental neglect and capitalist profiteering.

The Battle for USACH

As part of the continuing fight for education reform, youths barricaded themselves inside the gates of Universidad de Santiago de Chile on Thursday, Feb. 2.

Who is behind the ‘perfect boyfriend’?

A new dating app in the US is providing a solution for relationship pressure with a “cover-up” service called The Invisible Boyfriend, which lets you text an imaginary partner.