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Where am I Now?

I’m currently living and working in San Francisco until mid-September as an editorial fellow with AJ+, Al Jazeera’s social-first, millennial-focused, video production team. This means I make those really cool and easy-to-understand videos on Facebook that get millions of views.

Who is behind the ‘perfect boyfriend’?

A new dating app in the US is providing a solution for relationship pressure with a “cover-up” service called The Invisible Boyfriend, which lets you text an imaginary partner.

The Guardian: Abuse Behind Closed Doors

Victoria Jiménez is one of 10 children. By the age of five, she knew how to wash, cook, clean and look after those younger than her. At 12 her mother, unable to provide for her, left Jiménez and her sister in the house of a seamstress to work in exchange for clothes. It was then, as a domestic worker, that she first encountered abuse.

Overseas Press Club Scholarship

In February 2014 I attended the Overseas Press Club Foundation Scholars lunch after winning the Theo Wilson scholarship. This means I’ll be interning with the Wall Street Journal in Madrid over the summer. Congratulations to the other J Schoolers: John Ismay, Caelainn Hogan and Portia Crowe who also won scholarships.